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Mohan Yellishetty

Associate Professor

Monash University

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  • Co-Convener, National Industry Working Group (Critical Minerals) at the Australia-India Chamber of Commerce

  • Co-founded the Critical Minerals Consortium at Monash University


Mohan Yellishetty is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Monash University. He is an Australian Endeavour Fellow and Chartered Mining Engineer with almost three decades of research and academic work experience at Monash University and the CSIRO in Australia, Yale University in the USA and IIT Bombay in India.

A/Prof Yellishetty has been recognized as a leading expert in the area of ‘Sustainable Mineral Resources’ and ‘Life Cycle Assessment’. A/Prof Yellishetty has a very strong teaching and research interests in the following areas:

  • Resources Trinity: Mine rehabilitation and closure, Mine Tailings and waste and Critical minerals

  • Sustainability frameworks/tools and their application to mining industry

  • Industrial ecology, life cycle thinking, substance flow and material flow analysis

  • Critical and strategic mineral supply chains and assessment

His research group has done pioneering work in creating the world’s first agent-based dynamic criticality model. A/Prof Yellishetty and his international research team have created an Australian-first geospatial database of all known active and inactive hard rock mine sites across the country.

A/Prof Yellishetty’s research work has impacted both industry practice and public policy. He has reported and testified to both the Federal and State Government committees on critical minerals, mine rehabilitation and tailings management, and has published articles in many public periodicals, most recently in Australian Resources & Investment, the Conversation, Future Mining, Australian Mining, Innovation News Network, Future Mining, etc.

A/Prof Yellishetty co-founded the Critical Minerals Consortium at Monash University in 2020 to improve understanding of minerals criticality and to provide advice, ideas and expertise to assist policy makers.

Mohan Yellishetty
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