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Nataneil Adhynagara

Policy Analyst

Coordinating Ministry for Maritime and Investment Affairs, Republic of Indonesia

Nataneil Adhynagara has been a policy analyst in Coordinating Ministry for Maritime and Investment Affairs, Republic of Indonesia, for the past six years. His major responsibilities revolve around researching, analyzing, and recommending solutions for governmental issues related to mining and energy. Having engineering background from reputable university, Bandung Institute of Technology, Nataneil started his career as mine engineer in various multi-national mining companies. Those experiences have enriched his capability as policy analyst from technical aspect.


One of his current focus area of researches is mineral economics and sustainability. Nickel has been the core of Indonesia's downstreaming strategy for the last ten years. With its abundant reserves, the government expects nickel can trigger the development of electric vehicle industry ecosystem in Indonesia. However the market of Indonesia's nickel products are dominated by China which drives the price, while the domestic downstreaming seems stuck at the intermediate products. Therefore, Indonesia should initiate another strategy which can optimize the sustainability of nickel.


To broaden his knowledge as policy analyst, Nataneil is actively engaged in multiple courses/programs provided by distinguished institutions, such as: United States Department of State, Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, International Energy Agency, and many more. In addition to his role as policy analyst, Nataneil is also in charge as Project Coordinator of Information and Communication System for Indonesian Mineral Downstreaming Stakeholders platform, as well as member of Assessment Team of Export Benchmark Price for Mining Commodity.

Nataneil Adhynagara
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