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The South West Group, formed in November 1983 as an alliance between the following Member Councils:

  • City of Cockburn

  • Town of East Fremantle

  • City of Fremantle

  • City of Kwinana

  • City of Melville

  • City of Rockingham


The Group collaborates with State and Federal Governments, industry, business and community on activities that facilitate further economic development in the South West Metropolitan Region.


The vision for the Region is to be “the economic gateway to the west”.


The Region is the gateway to the dynamic Indo-Pacific Region. Its world-leading industries and expertise, abundance of ‘clean and green’ commodities, world-class liveability and its proximity to Asia are all reasons why the Region should be the State’s economic engine for years to come.


With a population of circa 450,000 in 2020, expected to grow beyond 625,000 by 2036, the Region is ideally positioned to develop as the economic, cultural and environmental powerhouse of Western Australia.